About Us

It is not so easy to describe us just in a few words. „Somehow they are different“ – that‘s what customers usually say when they get to know us. It‘s our ambition to provide top-level consulting services regarding the classic management topics such as strategy, organization, leadership, change and sales. But what is it that makes us special? We combine our professional knowledge with a profound understanding for people and their communities. Therefore, the cooperation with our customers is not only successful, but also fun – for our clients and also for the entire organization. Even if there are far-reaching changes to be implemented.

  • Changing the working environment. We support management teams in shaping a working environment where people can develop and participate actively in the progress of the company.

  • Understanding the organization. We develop organizations and establish new ways of cooperation.

  • Improving the mood. We focus specifically on influencing the mindset in the company and towards the customer in a positive way. Therefore, work is more fun and the results are better.

  • Accelerating transformation. Whether IT change, strategy change or New Business Development – we ensure the success of transformation with our customers.

  • Creating interaction. We encourage open and honest communication and pave the way for a trustbased corporate culture.

  • Driving innovation. We make room for creativity and innovation and help our customers to shape the future pro-actively.

  • Developing people. We listen very attentively, challenge and support our customers to further develop the key players in their organizations.

  • So snoopy. My two-legged colleagues have a good nose when it comes to finding custom-fit solutions for their clients.

Fields of consulting

We support our clients with their business development and transformation
processes in the following areas:


We merge strategies with everyday conduct.


We create the framework for a positive cooperation and teamwork.

Leadership &

We support and coach your managers as enabler for a successful transformation.


We develop new business models and increase customer success.


We promote agile working and create a new spirit.


We take care of the people related change in the context of a transformation.


As consultants of the Top-Management we work for large and medium-sized as well as mostly international enterprises and national subsidiaries. Amongst our clients are:


We have been supporting companies like Allianz, Microsoft or Merck in the implementation of change for 40 years. Always with a special focus on what counts most – the people.