Neue Unternehmenskultur

From the comprehensive revitalization of the work environment − in terms of focused corporate development or fundamental cultural change − to select areas of focus: We are a highly qualified, dedicated partner for managers.

01/ Corporate Culture

Many companies try to reorient their culture by conveying values and promoting sophisticated mission statements. However, most of the attempts never evolve beyond the initial appeal.

Only when change reaches the day-to-day business a company will realize real progress. The new forms of interaction and cooperation, in particular, are clear evidence of this change.

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02/ Strategic Management

The development and implementation of strategies should not be the business of the company’s elites, nor should it be a temporary issue; it is a constant process that must be consistently pushed and verified.

From the Community Approach perspective, strategies must encompass the entire organization and exploit the knowledge and creativity of all its employees.

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03/ Organizational Development

Selecting the right organizational form has become an extremely complex challenge for many companies; it can only be handled on a highly individualized basis.

The general rule is: If a company wants to meet its goals effectively, it will need focused units and people who cooperate and interact effectively with others.

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04/ Leadership and Management

A strong, united management team is the most important prerequisite for an effective company.

One of management’s main tasks is to constantly work on identifying developments in the management team and influencing the conduct of all managers.

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05/ Sales and Marketing

Today more than ever before, companies’ success depends on how well they make use of intelligent processes and dedicated individuals in order to tailor their strengths to markets and clients.

For this purpose, companies need to implement strategic, organizational, and human resources solutions that set them apart from the competition and ensure that they will acquire and keep new clients.

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