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Strategies must be lived out, not documented //

Do the people in your company work strategically? The answer to this question does not depend on whether your company has a strategy department or develops complex plans during its closed conferences, nor does it depend on the number of top-secret strategy papers stored securely in the company safe. The development and implementation of strategies should not be the business of the company’s elites, nor should it be a temporary issue; it is a constant process that must consistently driven forward and verified.

Dr. Christoph Ryser

“Day-to-day business is the only area that delivers the decisive indicators as to whether or not a company is strategically oriented.”

Dr. Christoph Ryser

Strategies must primarily manifest themselves in the everyday conduct of people at the base of the organization. For this reason, management must also reflect this strategic work. Client- and market-oriented strategies become visible and perceptible when client-facing employees conduct themselves in a way that allows the company to acquire customers, win them over, and keep them in the long term.

From the Community Approach perspective, strategies must encompass the entire organization and exploit the knowledge and creativity of all its employees. Teams with multiple areas of expertise and a strong work ethic form the pillars of the strategy required to master this constant challenge.

Requirements for strategic work within companies //

Strategic work is a constant task.

It comprises all processes involved in planning, managing, verifying, and reorienting community fitness, from the strategic development of the work environment to the implementation of operational goals.

Strategic work is not a ‘calendar-driven’ ritual or an issue that is ‘out of the ordinary;’ it is a challenge that must be tackled on a permanent basis and directly tied into day-to-day business. All units within the company must be focused on shared goals and making real breakthroughs in performance and competitiveness. This means installing fixed learning processes that generate and utilize new knowledge – because requirements are constantly changing.

Create a stable framework with the PROGRESS concept.

Here is how we meet the need for continuous strategic work: All departments in a company develop based on a strategic agenda that provides a systematic framework for day-to-day operations.

Merging Vision and an Integrated Strategic Agenda

With PROGRESS, we provide our clients with a concept and tools that effectively support strategic work at all levels of the company. PROGRESS allows us to systematically link a company’s initial situation to the future it is working toward. This allows us to create a common approach that is monitored and updated regularly.

With strong leadership impulses, ensure that progress is made.

A good strategic agenda is always visible and perceptible in day-to-day business. It is the engine that drives the implementation of strategy and company development. It isn’t artificially tacked on, but is rather an integral component of day-to-day life in the organization.

In order to ensure that the company strategy is implemented for the long term, we integrate strategic and management processes. In this way, we guarantee that the continued development of the individual units is directly linked to the improvement of leadership and management quality. Strategic work therefore always requires strong management and a work environment in which people can proactively contribute and confidently engage.

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