Our Insight

With the development of our
Community Approach more than 10 years ago,
we created a new basic understanding of organizations.
Since then, we have continuously refined this definition
in close cooperation with our clients.

The BBH Community Approach is our consulting and implementation concept that we apply in order to systematically improve the individual and collective fitness of companies.

01/ Insight: People as the focus of corporate development


The Community Approach overcomes the technocratic, machine-oriented approach that has dominated management and leadership models for more than a century. It consistently places the focus of corporate development on people. This practice is based on our conviction that a company – like a sports team – can only be successful in the long term if its employees are able to fully contribute their skills and work together to achieve common goals with passion and dedication.

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02/ Approach: We leverage hidden potential for performance with our Fitness-Check


How fit is your community? With our Fitness-Check, we shed light on the individual fitness components of the Community Approach and the entire company’s work environment. We analyze how compatible strategic aims are with people’s daily behavior. In this way, we are able to identify hidden potential for performance and take the steps necessary to leverage it.

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03/ Result: Change in conduct

Revitalization of the work environment must target cooperation

Guided by our consulting approach, we help companies reach their goals for change: quickly, perceptibly, and for the long term. During our projects, we always keep an eye on the direct effects these goals have on the work environment – and, correspondingly, for the people in the entire organization. Because change can’t happen until a transition in conduct begins.

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