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With our Community Approach, we
make people the focus
of our consulting work.

The best strategy, the most innovative products, or the greatest capital endowment is worthless if employees and managers aren’t working together with passion to achieve shared goals. That’s the philosophy that guides our consulting and revitalization projects.

01/ Organizations are performance-oriented human communities.


Our Community Approach is closely tied to the fitness concept in competitive sports – particularly in team sports like soccer, handball, or basketball. Results are not generated by adding up the individual performances of single team members, but are rather the product of complex interactions between individuals who generally hold very different roles within the team. The team will only achieve complete and lasting success if its members are given the chance to fully develop their individual skills and strengths as a part of the group. This requires that people identify with their company and their roles, and that they enjoy their work.

02/ Collective fitness is the key to performance.


An organization’s strength is primarily based on the skill and motivation of its individual employees. However, collective success is only possible if people cooperate closely and pool their skills in accordance with their shared goals and strategies in the context of a trusting environment.

03/ True top performance is only possible within an atmosphere of trust.

Culture of
Performance and

Organizational processes and the management of people must be conducted in such a way that inspires managers and employees to enjoy their work. People only get excited about their jobs if they can get involved and earn recognition for what they do.

04/ Emotions shape the atmosphere and provide the basis for a company’s clout.

Collective Thinking,
and Behavior

Above all, humans are social creatures who are strongly influenced by emotion. The way in which they are integrated into a community, their personal relationships, and how they perceive their interactions with other people are all decisive factors in their well-being, their identification with the community, and their dedication to the community’s goals.

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