04.05.18 BBH at Women & Work: Europe’s biggest career event for women

/ Published on 04.05.2018 / to 14:16h / Category: BBH internal

“Our company needs agile methods for more employee loyalty. But how can we do that in our hierarchical patriarchal organization? “- Questions like these dominated the discussion following our lecture” Agile Leadership “at the Women & Work.

 Nearly 200 top employers, experts and coaches attracted around 7,000 visitors from Germany and abroad to this unique career and business day in Germany. In her lecture “Agile Leadership – Opportunity or Challenge for Women?”, our colleague Stefanie Kraus gave an insight into the background, aims and prerequisites for agile cooperation and transformation. In particular, the considerations on the relevance of the personal leadership style, corporate context, as well as the 4F leadership model of the BBH invited the participants to reflect on their own agile mindset and their mood. The exciting exchange during and after the lecture showed how much companies of the most diverse sectors and executives are under agile pressure at all levels and how closely the future potentials are linked to successful organizational development.

Click here for the video of the lecture (in German), for the self-test of your agile mood and mindset and for a quick check for your unit or your company.

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