05.03.18 Executive Meeting hosted by UBS – emotional, rational and innovative

/ Published on 05.03.2018 / to 10:56h / Category: BBH internal, CEO-Meetings

Very lively discussions took place among the 13 participants in the last Executive Meeting at UBS in Frankfurt on February 27, 2018.

The event focused on three topics:

The hosts Barbara Rupf Bee and Brigit Dietl-Benzin from UBS presented together with Robert Becker and Christoph Ryser from BBH the core elements of a recently completed joint project and illustrated to the participants, almost first-hand, the emotional-rational highlights of this collaboration. For the round of executives, this offered an intensively used opportunity for in-depth inquiries, but also for the open presentation of own experiences in the further development of the own company.

As a theoretical and practical background, Dr. Robert Becker provided an insight into a recent BBH study, which pointed out the importance of the collective mood- and mindset for the corporate development.

Marion Schreier (BBH) showed with C/O/M/M/A – a new BBH approach for the continuous measurement of the mood in the company via App – how the findings of the study can be used innovatively for corporate development. This approach enables companies to use the collective mood and mindset for the organiztaional development in a forward-looking manner resembling predictive maintenance.

Participants of the Executive Meeting (from left to right): Volker Steck (Helvetia), Roland Koch (UBS), Ernst Voß (Homag), Marion Schreier (BBH), Reiner Unkel (Anthos Group), Dr. Christoph Ryser (BBH), Barbara Rupf Bee (UBS), Helge Förster (Hübner), Dr. Ralf Schneider (Allianz), Peter Tix (Lakesight Technologies), Volker Zöller (Essity), Dr. Robert Becker (BBH)

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