05.01.18 Webinar “The toolbox of Change Management”

/ Published on 05.01.2018 / to 15:19h / Category: BBH internal

Changes are not easy for organizations. Due to different motives of the people who have to implement them, changes cause delays, resistance or they come to nothing. But the pressure to change in enterprises is huge and grows. Continuously new future strategies which must be implemented in shorter and shorter time are designed. New processes, new structures, agility and flexibility: How can the change be shaped systematically? Which change management methods are effective?

These questions and further topics will be discussed at the webinar “The Toolbox of Change Management” (2nd February 2018, 12.00 – 01.00 p.m) with our managing partner Stefanie Kraus – with an interactive and practical approach.

Would you like to participate in the webinar? Do not hesitate to contact us: info@bbh-gmbh.de or +49 6251 93370

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