05.01.18 Webinar “The toolbox of Change Management”

/ Published on 05.01.2018 to 15:19h / Category: BBH internal

Changes are not easy for organizations. Due to different motives of the people who have to implement them, changes cause delays, resistance or they come to nothing. But the pressure to change in enterprises is huge and grows. Continuously new future strategies which must be implemented in shorter and shorter time are designed. New processes,… more

21.12.17 We are looking for a working student (m/f) in marketing/digital media

/ Published on 21.12.2017 to 07:46h / Category: BBH internal

Do you like to bring in your ideas? Are you looking for a company where you can start a career as a consultant after completing your studies? Welcome to BBH! As a management consultancy we accompany national and international top companies in the successful implementation of changes. Always with a special focus on what matters… more


/ Published on 13.12.2017 to 12:39h / Category: Example projects

Almost everyone knows the colorful LEGO® bricks and multiple possibilities from home or from his or her childhood. But what about LEGO® in the business world? Anyone who has taken part in a strategy or team workshop or who has received or given feedback by using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® will understand why BBH has incorporated… more

02.11.17 How about your digital fitness?

/ Published on 02.11.2017 to 10:03h / Category: Know-how impulses

The technological innovation is an enabler, but not at all the guarantee for success that the transformation to a digital company succeeds as a whole and that the desired effects will occur. Digitalization requires innovative capabilities in terms of strategy, organization, leadership, HR-Management and technology. It concerns first of all the people in the company… more

06.09.17 Centralized/decentralized reorientation of a company

/ Published on 06.09.2017 to 06:15h / Category: Example projects

  Initial Situation //  Over the last five years, a global company has developed very successfully. During that time period, its largest subsidiary (measured according to turnover and employees) had what was, at that point, the company’s best sales year to date. The management team at this successful subsidiary decided that this comfortable phase was… more

18.08.17 Stefanie Kraus joins the BBH team

/ Published on 18.08.2017 to 16:08h / Category: BBH internal

With creative methods such as Design Thinking and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® as well as a well-founded Business Modelling background, Stefanie Kraus completes the BBH team since summer. Stefanie Kraus is Master of Business Administration and Master of Arts in Modern German Literature and Political Science. She developed her international career in different positions in the… more

28.05.17 Implementing PROGRESS in a retail organization

/ Published on 28.05.2017 to 07:59h / Category: Example projects

Initial Situation //  The new head of the company was dissatisfied with how her strategies were interpreted and implemented at the over 300 branches of her company. Moreover, she received too little feedback from her client-facing employees who were most familiar with the clients’ needs and wishes.   Insights //  During the exploratory talks that… more

18.05.17 Executive meeting hosted by TE Connectivity and BBH

/ Published on 18.05.2017 to 22:13h / Category: CEO-Meetings

„Really inspiring“, “An exciting look beyond the box”, ” Refreshingly open and honest ” –this was the feedback from the circle of participants who followed the invitation of TE Connectivity and BBH and met for the CEO meeting in Bensheim. In the afternoon of May 15, 2017, Erik Küppers, President Global Automotive at TE Connectivity,… more

04.03.17 Implementation of the BBH leadership system in a retail organization

/ Published on 04.03.2017 to 12:59h / Category: Example projects

Initial Situation //  The management of a retail company operating throughout Europe launched a large-scale change initiative. At the center of the transition was a new growth strategy for the coming five years, as well as the resulting organizational and cultural changes. On the whole, it was a major effort for the entire company –… more

23.02.17 Cultural Change

/ Published on 23.02.2017 to 10:02h / Category: Example projects

Initial Situation //  The new success-oriented sales head of a leading financial company knew very well what awaited him when he accepted the position. The company, which had once been the clear champion of the industry, has somehow lost its unique internal fitness and extraordinary external clout. During his first few weeks on the job,… more

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