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We motivate people to give their top performance
with passion

As one of the leading consulting firms for people-oriented business development, we help companies like Allianz, Douglas, and SAP create a working environment where people can give their top performance with passion.

01/ BBH - Strategy & Innovation

For more than three decades, we have supported business leaders and managers in their efforts to quickly and sustainably improve their organizations’ competitiveness and performance. Driven by our Community Approach, we advise our clients in the classic areas of business development: from strategic focus to intelligent organization, and from the consistent development of a management team to focused market cultivation. We work with our clients to develop new solutions and integrate them into day-to-day business.

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02/ Our partners are market-leading companies – Our clients

Our clients include large and medium-sized, generally international companies and subsidiaries such as Allianz, DOUGLAS, Nestlé, and SAP.

As the advisor to our clients’ business leaders and management teams, we work continuously to increase companies’ success. In the process, we rely on a high degree of market penetration to intelligently integrate the strengths of various industries into our projects.

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03/ Consulting with a focus on people – The BBH consulting philosophy

We consistently put people at the focus of our work. This practice is based on our conviction that a company – like a sports team – can only be successful in the long term if its employees are able to fully contribute their skills and work together to achieve common goals with passion and dedication. Increasing this individual and collective fitness is the foundation of our consulting services.

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04/ We bring decision-makers together – BBH’s CEO meetings

Company management with a focus on people. This is the motto under which BBH has been bringing together prominent personalities from important companies as part of BBH’s CEO network since 2002. In the context of regular meetings, CEOs and top managers from a wide range of industries come together in small groups in order to hold discussions on innovative topics and exchange personal experiences.

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05/ A different kind of consulting company – Shaped by a strong team

Our consultants form a highly qualified, interdisciplinary team that focuses on the targeted implementation of new solutions. We draw on our vast repository of knowledge and experience to identify how organizations have developed based on their history, how their work environment is structured, and how targeted development can help to change that environment.

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