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What makes the BBH team unique

Stuffed shirts and know-it-alls? Not us! PowerPoint freaks and blueprint fetishists? No way! Analysis fanatics and generalizers? As if! We look and listen closely in order to identify special characteristics and to develop truly customized solutions. And we work in close collaboration with our clients to make noticeable, long-term improvements as quickly as possible.

However, we hope you will form your own impression of our team.

Dr. Robert Becker

Curriculum Vitae //

1972Completed an advanced degree in business administration
1975Received his Doctorate from the University of Mannheim
1976–78Worked as a marketing director in the IT industry
1978Co-founded BBH
Since 1994Numerous publications and lectures

Robert Becker is the company’s mover and shaker and its most forward thinker. "I really enjoy attacking problems at their root and developing comprehensive, innovative solutions," confides the company’s head.

Robert Becker is particularly drawn to contradictions: focused creativity and joie de vivre, European efficiency and Far Eastern serenity, individual determination to succeed and the overall integration into a group. "In successful teams, strong personalities work together toward a common goal, holding themselves to high personal standards," says the former athlete and trainer, explaining his creed. "The key to long-term success lies in two words: ‘performance’ and ‘trust.’".

Ilse Heigert-Becker

Curriculum Vitae //

1971Completed a degree in banking
1971–73Banker - Frankfurt
1978Completed a degree in graphic design
1978Co-founded BBH
1997Helped establish a branch in Bangkok

Ilse Heigert-Becker embodies the multifunctional and multicultural ‘feminine side’ of BBH’s management team. She is a valuable contact for clients and employees when it comes to illuminating and considering both organizational issues and human aspects. In her day-to-day work, she combines her creative work with her role as a detailed-oriented chief financial officer.

And when she was helping to establish the company’s Bangkok branch, she needed more than just a talent for the local language: She also demonstrated intuition, the ability to bring different people together, and the gift of patience. She needed all of these skills to earn acceptance and recognition as a woman in Thailand’s patriarchal society and corporate structures. "I enjoy holding intense discussions with other people in order to come to a joint solution."

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Bernhard

Curriculum Vitae //

1986Completed an advanced degree as graduate engineer
1991Received his doctorate from the university of Darmstadt
1991-2009Different positions in the automotive industry (Battelle, Freudenberg, General Motors), the last 5 years leadership level 1 at GM, latest position taken: Head of Electrics, Electronics and Software GM Europe
2009Foundation of BEB Consulting & Coaching
2010-2015Foundation of ESB Engineering Services Bergstraße GmbH
1990-2011Numerous publications and lectures
Since 2015Managing Partner at BBH

Ulrich Bernhard is respected by his customers for his years of experience and international responsibility he gained as top manager and management consultant. His maxim: "If an organization is able to focus and utilize the versatility of teams, it offers this company a great opportunity to step ahead of competition and to generate success."

The family man likes to go for extended walks with family and friends in his leisure time and finds his balance with music and literature.

Hans-Peter Erlemann

Curriculum Vitae //

1990Completed an advanced degree in psychology
1990Consultant at BBH
1994Senior Consultant at BBH
1996Member of BBH’s Management Team
Since 2017Managing Director at BBH

One of the reasons our clients value Hans-Peter Erlemann is his ability to convert strategic management targets into perfectly customized organizational solutions. His rule of thumb: “Coming up with a structural solution and defining processes is the lesser and easier part of the work. Working with the people in the company to bring this new organization to life, to make it come alive for employees and clients – that’s the part that will determine whether or not you succeed.”

The enthusiastic father of three always looks forward to the week he spends hiking in the Alps with his kids every year. In the winter, a ski trip with his family is another personal highlight. And in the months in between, he enjoys reading good books and having Sunday morning breakfast with his family at the many bistros in his region.

Volker Glock

Curriculum Vitae //

1992Completed an advanced degree in communication
1992Consultant at BBH
1996–2002Lecturer at Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University Mosbach
Since 1996Member of BBH’s Management Team

Volker Glock is outgoing and loves working with people. With his many years of experience, his engaging nature, and his positive energy, he always manages to rapidly establish a trusting relationship with the people he works with at every level of responsibility. As a player of team sports, he knows that teamwork is the only way to get things done. His strength lies in the fact that he views every challenge as an opportunity to work consistently, pragmatically, and passionately on finding the ideal solution for his clients. “People need to be able to identify with the solution. That’s the only way they will be able to adapt their behavior accordingly.”

The happily married father of two likes to spend his free time relaxing with family and friends. He also finds the necessary balance in his life by playing sports, painting, or traveling. The adventurer in him never gives him a moment’s peace; he is always on the go, looking for something new.

Dr. Christoph Ryser

Curriculum Vitae //

1995Completed an advanced degree in biology
1995–1998Intellectual property consultant
2000Received his Doctorate from the University of Würzburg
2000–2003Consultant at BBH
Since 2003Member of BBH’s Management Team

Christoph Ryser has the ability to acquaint himself with new issues quickly: "As a natural scientist, I learned to develop clear structures and to deal with unknown quantities." However, it was still easy for him to leave the academic world behind. "Too many ‘lone warriors’ – too little interaction and communication!" The challenges of the private sector were also very attractive to him.

When you first meet him, Christoph Ryser’s candor, his varied interests, and his curiosity are the first things you will notice: "I want to reach people through my projects and get them excited about the work from the very beginning." To relax, he enjoys puttering in the garden or the kitchen with his family. With his predilection for design and Italian lust for life, he is the BBH team’s resident expert on aesthetics, coffee, and delicious pasta.

Karl Breuer

Curriculum Vitae //

1984University degree in social sciences
1986Graduation as specialist in communication and organization
1986-1993Trainer and project manager at Digital Equipment GmbH (DEC)
1993-2001Technical Sales and Marketing Microsoft
2001-2015Manager and Sales Director at Microsoft, since 2012 as Director Solution Sales Mobility, Datacenter and Hybrid Cloud
Since 2015Managing Partner BBH GmbH

In the eyes of his customers and partners, Karl Breuer stands for a successful synthesis of an excellent understanding of digital transformation and the ability to push this in the company as experienced people manager. His long-term expertise in the ‚fastest business of the world‘ combined with common sense, high energy and creativity often leads to completely new insights and solution approaches for the customers.

His employees appreciate his leadership, open-mindedness, his joy of life and especially his perpetual interest in people. "Paths are made by walking them", is his motto. The visionary pragmatist loves his huge family, that lives in Germany, France and North-Africa. He has a great passion for photography, languages and traveling with his wife.

Ben Heigert

Curriculum Vitae //

1997–1999Assisted in setting up the BBH branch in Bangkok
1999–2001Junior Consultant at BBH
2001–2004Freelance IT, Internet, and marketing consultant
2004Completed an advanced degree in business administration
2004–2006Project Manager at Deutsche Telekom AG
2006Managing Consultant at BBH
Since 2011Managing Director at BBH’s partner company elead
Since 2017Managing Director at BBH

Ben Heigert has learned to value one thing in particular by working at BBH: "When we work closely with our clients, we often take the road less traveled to generate true added value." The media enthusiast regularly tries to implement new approaches: "I really enjoy looking for alternative solutions. I can’t deal with the ‘but-this-is-the-way-we’ve-always-done-things’ mentality."

He works toward these alternative solutions with the tenacity and high standards required of him – whether he’s involved in a client’s project or tackling internal challenges at BBH, such as setting up BBH’s partner company elead. In his free time, he enjoys spending time in the kitchen with his two daughters, whipping up delicacies for family and friends, or staying fit by jogging in the forest near his home.

Volker Abt

Curriculum Vitae //

1996Degree in business economics
1996-1999Sales of transport and logistics services (Meyer & Klos, DACHSER)
1999-2002Key Account Manager at EnBW, Frankfurt
2002-2007Head of Yello Frontoffice at EnBW, Karlsruhe
2007-2010Director Yello Strom AB, Stockholm/Schweden
2010-2012Head of Business Process Management Yello Strom, Cologne
2012-2014Head of Sales Yello Strom, Cologne
2014-2016Director Gazprom Energy, Walluf
Seit 2017Managing Partner bei der BBH

Volker Abt gained broad experience in the areas of B2C and B2B in sales, operations and services. Based on his long-term work for logistic and energy supply companies he knows very well, what it means to act entrepreneurially in both, medium-sized companies as well as large corporations, and to focus teams on the customers benefits.
‘Success and fun belong together!’ With this conviction, he prepared even in difficult phases individuals for the challenges of competition and integrated them in changing organizations.

Weekends and holidays belong to his wife and his two sons. His winter sports enthusiasm infects the whole family. As backpacker he discovers new places and draws inspiration from foreign cultures.

Stefanie Kraus

Curriculum Vitae //

2001 – 2006Marketing & Sales Manager, CEO at QlikView Spain, Madrid
2004Master of Business Administration (MBA)
2006 – 2008European Press & Analyst Manager at NetManage, Madrid
2009 – 2010Country Sales Manager at Apesoft, Madrid
2010 –2012Managing Consultant and Trainer at Consultative Sales, Madrid
2012 – 2017Senior Consultant „Business Transformation“ and Key Account Manager at bridgingIT, Mannheim
since 2017Managing Partner BBH

Business thinking, enthusiasm as well as a distinct interest in people and organizations are characteristics of Stefanie Kraus, who started her international career in the areas Sales, Marketing, Consulting, Training, Management and Team Leadership. Customers and their needs are in the focus of her thinking and acting: Interaction and motivation are the key assets for entrepreneurial success and the continuous development.

„Developing good ideas jointly and implementing them together with the people.“ – Stefanie Kraus accepts this challenge enthusiastically and supports organizations, teams and people with entrepreneurial mindset, empathy, creative techniques and innovation methods to use their potentials and digital change optimally – and to design and establish the ideal business - and organization models. As a mother of three children, Stefanie Kraus spends her leisure time preferably active, with her family and friends. She also appreciates freedom for recreation, reading and sports – and she knows no boredom.

Marion Schreier

Curriculum Vitae //

2009Completed a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration
2010Completed a Master of Science degree in management science
2008–2010First project experience at BBH during her degree program
Since 2010Consultant at BBH
Since 2011Working on her Doctorate at the University of Bamberg in addition to her job at BBH. Subject: Interactive behavior of managers

Since she is working on her Doctorate in addition to her full-time job, she is always up-to-date on the latest research in management and organization, and she helps to drive the development of expertise at BBH. Sometimes, bridging the gap between theory and practice can be a real challenge: “On the one hand, I really enjoy grappling with complex, theoretical subjects. But on the other hand, active, pragmatic project work with clients and the measurable progress and visible benefits that arise as a result are generally even more exciting and satisfying.”

With her refreshing laugh and down-to-earth nature, the Franconia native livens up both the male-dominated BBH consultant team and the change management projects for our clients. She draws the energy required for her doctoral thesis and her everyday life as a consultant (which never seems to be terribly ‘everyday’) from attending Tae Bo classes and playing tennis.

Insa Rogalli

Curriculum Vitae //

2000Completed an advanced degree in information management
2000In-house sales manager at T-Online
2003Marketing manager at InteractiveMedia
2008Project coordinator at CBM (Christian blind mission)
Since 2009Project Assistant at BBH

In her role as a project assistant, Insa Rogalli is always on hand to support the consultants: "The wide variety of different tasks I work on every day is an exciting challenge." She believes that the highly constructive atmosphere is what makes working at BBH special:  Clear and effective communication through direct channels.

Insa Rogalli completed a traineeship to become a European executive secretary, followed by a degree program in information and knowledge management. Her career began in the in-house sales department of a large Internet service provider, which led to further positions – for example, in the marketing department of an online advertiser and as a project coordinator for an international aid organization.

As a mother of three, Insa Rogalli has learned how to organize multiple things simultaneously. The stress of everyday business life rarely makes her lose her cool.

Annette Köhler

Curriculum Vitae //

1984Completed certification as a management assistant in advertising
Since 1984Responsible for personnel & finance at BBH
Since 1991Executive assistant

"I find it fascinating when tasks change and new approaches and concepts develop as a result." Her thoroughness and structured approach paired with her inexhaustible supply of energy lend Annette Köhler a distinct talent for tackling a range of different challenges simultaneously while still maintaining an overview of the big picture – an invaluable skill for an executive assistant. This is how she manages to keep a handle on everything from personnel and finance to internal organization.

When it comes to relaxation, this long-standing employee – who has been at the company for over 25 years – likes to stay active: In her free time, she goes hiking, jogging, and rides her bike across the entire country – her favorite location, however, is the local Odenwald forest. Her travels and vacation plans reflect her great interest in foreign cultures. For example, she is currently planning hiking trips and tours of southeast Asia, New Zealand, and Hawaii.

Nicole Leonhard

Curriculum Vitae //

2005Graduation as degreed philologist of Romance languages
2005 - 2009PR consultant, at last Head of PR Agentur Schäfer
2009 - 2016Assistant to the director (Marketing & PR) at the ARIVA Hotel GmbH
Since 2016Project Assistant at BBH

As project assistant Nicole Leonhard supports the BBH consultants in all concerns. 'The wide range of projects and the really cooperative working climate make the work at the BBH exciting, pleasant and varied.'

Nicole Leonhard studied philology of Romance languages at the university of Mannheim. Thereafter, she worked as a PR consultant (at last as head of PR) at a PR & marketing agency with focus on the IT and entertainment sector. 2009 she moved on to a regional hotel chain in Mannheim where she was i. a. responsible for the marketing division.

During her professional career, she gained experience of many different sectors. She takes on new challenges and meet them with passion, without losing the focus on the essentials.

In her free time, she loves to explore distant countries with her husband and her son or to spend lazy days on her farm.

Nicole Jellinek

Curriculum Vitae //

1994Completed a degree in European business management in Hamburg
1994–1997Trainee at the Ostsee-Zeitung newspaper
1997–1998Sales promotion at Frankfurter Societäts-Druckerei GmbH
1998–2000Media consulting at IMV GmbH
2000–2002International sales manager at National Magazines, London
Since 2002CEO at IN-house International Ltd, London
Since 2008International sales director at BBH

Nicole Jellinek enjoys facing new personal and professional challenges as often as possible. “I’m good at assessing people and situations. The opportunity to meet so many new and different people and discover new cultures and company structures is particularly exciting to me, as is the chance to bring people with very different needs and goals together into a productive working relationship.”

The married mother of three has also implemented this philosophy in her private life: She has operated her own company in London for ten years now, and she and her family constantly shuttle between Germany, England, and Argentina. At BBH, she manages international projects and works to further expand our contact base – primarily in South America and the UK. To relax – and to combat jet lag – she passionately practices yoga in her free time.

The BBH Team

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